for my 1000th post

I will reflect on how stupid that it is that i have 1000 stupid posts on a stupid website oh my god i could’ve learned chinese or something.

but, everything is alright. there are problems i’m dealing with and problems i’m not. but day to day i’m pretty happy. recognizing my own privilege and right now i’m just chompin on some spinach and waiting for my laundry to dry. this year has been huge for me in my own ~*~personal growth~*~ and i feel really strange looking back on it as a year collectively because parts of it just don’t fit together so i refuse to make any more weird generalizations or reminicing about 2012 unless it’s about picking a favorite album because GENERALS-MYNABIRDS and that isn’t even debatable.

a therapist would probably have a field day with all of my weird issues and complexes but for now I think i’ll just do my best (poor) attempt at pretending to be 100% comfortable & sane and essentially it’s like:

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